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Have you ever wished for a universal interface that controls everything in your home? That makes it easier for you to hear your favorite music anywhere in your house and to watch your favorite videos or programs. How about dimmming your lights to match the video source you are watching and all from the comfort of your couch.

Make your entertainment system less frustrating

 •  Easy to use

 •  Audio

 •  Video

 •  Lighting

 •  Home theater room


Audio and Video


You can even control your home lighting, climate and much more .

Enhancing Your

Home Theater Experience

Consolidate controls

Easily control everything

When you work with us, you'll get a fully-functional interface that helps you control your home and much more .

Call now to learn more about our expert service and how a universal user interface will improve your home entertainment experience.

The best service to synchronize your entertainment

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Simplify your home entertainment

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"I use URC (Universal Remote Control) interfaces to control the devices that I want. I watch movies in my main viewing room and listen to a separate music source through out the rest of my home with only the press of a few buttons. Control the lighting in my home theater and have it go to different lighting scenes depending on the video source I have selected. I also added my IPod music source to my system and use it as a personal music server"

                                     - Fred Dietzel

If you and your family would like to simplify how you control your home entertainment system, then let us help you. You won't have to use multiple remotes when you can get  a universal interface to control everything.